To those wanting to book their band at the Voodoo Lounge…a couple of general notes/rules for those wanting to get your act in:


1. You MUST answer the following questions and submit them as a facebook message here:

Band Name:

Home Town:



Sound Clips Web Address:

YouTube Clips Web Address:

Have you got a specific booking date in mind?

How many people are in the act?

Is the act more acoustic or more electric?

Can you provide your own PA?

Can you fill the full time slot (9:30pm-1:30am)?

How much are you looking to get?

2. We get anywhere from 10-20 new out of town bands every week wanting to book here. Responding to each and every one in a timely manner cannot be done. So be patient. Each and every message will be reviewed by the appropriate person.

3. DO NOT call the bar to book your band. All bookings will be handled through this website/facebook. This provides a record of everything discussed and agreed upon.

4. You MUST have either preferably YouTube clips of your performance that can be viewed or sound clips of your music uploaded somewhere on the net that can be listened to.

5. There are on average each month only 8 spots for bands (on weekends) and 4 spots for solo acts (on mondays) so fitting everyone in each month is impossible.

6. You MUST be able to fill a 9:30-1:30 spot completely (with a few 15 min set breaks of course). If you cannot, you need to get another band to open for you.

7. PA is NOT provided and we do NOT charge a cover. So take that into consideration.

8. Everyone be patient. If you don’t hear from someone after a month passes from your initial contact then feel free to submit again.

Lance, owner